New Publications!

Check out the following recent UFERN publications:

UFERN has been busy this month! Check out all of the newly published papers below:

The Undergraduate learning in the field: Designing experiences, assessing outcomes, and exploring future opportunities article addresses results from the Landscape Study conducted in 2018 to better understand the diversity of program types as well as the value and impact of undergraduate field experiences for students.

UFERN also published Promoting a Sense of Place Virtually: A Review of the ESA Weekly Water Cooler Chat Focused on Virtual Sense of Place, a review of an Ecological Society of America Water Cooler Chat that UFERN co-hosted. The chat focused on ways to help students develop a virtual sense of place in an undergraduate field course that has been moved online. 

The Promoting inclusion in ecological field experiences: Examining and overcoming barriers to a professional rite of passage explores some benefits and barriers presented by field learning experiences as well as some challenges and potential strategies to broaden inclusivity in field experiences.

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