Interested in UFERN and want to get involved?

UFERN is a collaborative network of interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners focused on Undergraduate Field Experiences (UFE’s). We invite all who are interested in teaching or researching about a diversity of formats of field experiences from “van on the side of the road”, field learning embedded within campus-based courses, weeks-long residential field courses and field-based undergraduate research experiences. Our primary focus is on biological field stations, marine labs and similar settings but we welcome our many members from the geosciences community and any other disciplines who are interested in this topic.

There are multiple ways to engage with UFERN:

  • Join our listserv: Stay up to date on what is happening in the network, upcoming webinars, and meetings. We do not send regular weekly emails, so we promise not to overwhelm your inbox.
  • Start a conversation or join one on UFERN’s LinkedIn Group page
  • Interested in starting a working group with support from UFERN? Reach out to Kari O’Connell, UFERN’s PI.
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