Conference Presentations

Designing and Studying Inclusive Field Learning Experiences: The UFERN Model

Kari O’Connell at the AAAS 2022 Meeting

Examining the Importance of Affective Outcomes in the Field Setting

Stephanie Shaulskiy at the AAAS 2022 Annual Meeting

Creating Inclusive Field Education Through Understanding of Diverse Identities

Nia Morales at the AAAS 2022 Annual Meeting

What Do Undergraduate Students Gain From Field Experiences? A practical guide to assessment and evaluation

Alison Jolley, Erin E. Shortlidge, Stephanie Shaulskiy, Christopher N. Lorentz, Emily Geraghty Ward, and Kari Bisbee O’Connell Presentation at the Geoscience Society of New Zealand Annual Conference. 22nd-25th November 2020, Christchurch, New Zealand. Session 9A – Geo-Teaching & Practice. 

ESA 2020 Workshop Presentation

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