New UFERN Publications!

We wanted to share two articles that came out of our 2021 UFERN Network meeting. Please see the link below to read the full articles. Congratulations to the authors for their work!

Affective Learning Outcomes in the Field: A Review of the 2021 Undergraduate Field Experiences Research Network Meeting

by: Emily Geraghty Ward, Kari Bisbee O’Connell, Alexandra Race, Ahinya Alwin, Ajisha Alwin, Karina Cortijo-Robles, David Esparza, Alison Jolley, Andrew McDevitt, Manisha Patel, Luanna B. Prevost, Stephanie Shaulskiy, Xoco Anna Shinbro, Kira Treibergs, Michael Alvaro, and William Sea

Click to read full article>>

Crafting Field Station and Marine Lab Communities for Undergraduate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

by: Susan K. Flowers, Kari O’Connell, and Victoria M. McDermott

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