2021 Network Meeting | About


This is our third annual meeting. Everyone interested in being part of the UFERN network is welcome to register for the meeting; registration and attendance is completely free.

UFERN seeks to build a community of undergraduate field educators working together with social science researchers to understand the impacts of Undergraduate Field Experiences (UFEs) and to share and develop effective practices for inclusive, student-centered experiences.

At the third annual UFERN network meeting, we will work together to advance research and practice of undergraduate field education through interdisciplinary collaborations. 

In addition to the future of UFERN, session topics will include:

  •  Virtual field learning experiences 
  • Interdisciplinary research about undergraduate field experiences  
  • What is the field and who is in it? 
  • Workshops related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in undergraduate field experiences 

The meeting will be organized around plenary sessions, breakout groups, lightning talks, a share fair, and more. 

At the third annual UFERN network meeting, we will work together to:

  • Reinvigorate UFERN with clear direction, enthusiasm, and participants excited to be a part of the network. 
  • Give network members opportunities to share and discuss their work related to UFERN.
  • Facilitate self-sustaining UFERN project groups with clear direction, leadership, and projects and research on which to collaborate.
  • Facilitate action plans for the future of UFERN

Organizing Committee

Thank you to our wonderful organizing committee members who made this network meeting possible!

  • Itchung Cheung – Hatfield Marine Science Center, Oregon State University
  • Susan Flowers – Tyson Research Center, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Paul Foster – Bijagual Ecological Reserve and University of Michigan
  • Alexandra Race – University of California, Santa Cruz
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