UFERN Speaker Series: Dr. Janet Branchaw

Maintaining your research team’s productivity during the COVID-19 era can be a challenge. Developing new strategies to mentor your research trainees in remote work environments will not only support research productivity but also help to keep your mentees’ academic and research careers on track. This webinar will introduce a three-step process derived from evidence-based approaches that research mentors and mentees can use together to reassess, realign and reimagine their mentoring relationships to enhance their effectiveness, both in the current circumstances and for the future. 

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About Janet

Janet L. Branchaw, UFERN Co-PI, is an Assistant Professor of Kinesiology in the School of Education and the Faculty Director of the Wisconsin Institute for Science Education and Community Engagement (WISCIENCE) at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Her research and programming focus on the development, implementation, and evaluation of innovative approaches to science education at the undergraduate and graduate levels, with special emphasis on research training and mentoring, assessment of student learning, and broadening participation in science.

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