Community Members

Below is a list of current U-FERN members. Interested in joining us? Feel free to contact PI Kari O’Connell, or join our mailing list to stay in touch with ways to get involved.

  Name Title Organization
Kari O’Connell UFERN PI |Senior Researcher STEM Research Center | Oregon State University
Alan Berkowitz UFERN Co-PI | Head of Education Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Janet Branchaw UFERN Co-PI | Director of WISCIENCE, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology University of Wisconsin-Madison
  Ian Billick UFERN Co-PI | Executive Director Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory
Gillian Bowser UFERN Co-PI |Research Scientist Colorado State University
Robi Nilson Community Member Department of Natural Resources | Cornell University
Mike De Luca Senior Associate Director Office of Research at Rutgers University | Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve | Aquaculture Innovation Center & the Coastal Exploration Center
Paulinus Chigbu Professor, Department of Natural Sciences NOAA Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Centers | University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Jimmy Lee Professor, Life Sciences East Los Angeles Community College
Jan Hodder Senior Lecturer and Academic Coordinator Oregon Institute of Marine Biology
Amanda Butz Associate Scientist, Department of Kinesiology University of Wisconsin-Madison
Teresa Mourad Director of Education and Diversity Programs Ecological Society of America
Peggy Fong Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology UC Los Angeles
  Lissy Goralnik Assistant Professor, Community Sustainability Michigan State University
  Andrew McDevitt Biology Education Researcher University of Colorado Denver
  Mica Estrada Assistant Professor, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences and the Institute of Health and Aging UC-San Francisco
  Kay Gross Director and Distinguished Professor, Plant Biology Kellogg Biological Station | Michigan State University
Danielle Zoeller Academic Programs Coordinator Kellogg Biological Station | Michigan State University
Mark Seifert Dean of Academic Programs School for Field Studies
Ben Cuker Professor, Marine and Environmental Studies Marine Science Program | Hampton University
Sandra Laursen Co-Director Ethnography and Evaluation Research | University of Colorado Boulder
  Steve Semken Professor, School of Earth and Space Exploration Arizona State University
Erika Zavaleta Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology UC Santa Cruz
Erin Dolan Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology University of Georgia
Nia Morales Human Dimensions Specialist Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
John Van Niel Professor, Environmental Conservation Fingers Lake Community College
Sara Parr Syswerda Education Director Pierce Cedar Creek Institute
Christopher Atchison Associate Professor, Geoscience EducationSchool of Education University of Cincinnati
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